SOFTBANK Pepper Humanoid Service Robot

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SoftBank Pepper is the world’s first humanoid robot with an emotion engine, optimized for engaging with people through conversation and the touch screen.

SoftBank Pepper Humanoid Service Robot is an assistant capable of recognizing faces and basic human emotions to welcome, inform and entertain people in an innovative way.

Pepper is a robot designed for people. Built to connect with them, assist them, and share knowledge with them – while helping your business in the process. Friendly and engaging, Pepper creates unique experiences and forms real relationships.

Designed to draw people in, Pepper adds new life to your business by attracting new customers, sparking real curiosity – and leaving a lasting impression. Outgoing and charming, Pepper reaches out to people the moment they walk in the door and starts making conversation – and friends.

Pepper can answer your customers’ questions, providing the latest product and promotional info, so your customers are more likely to learn, understand, and buy.

Pepper gathers data over the course of conversations, learning people’s tastes, traits, preferences, and habits to help personalize responses and better address needs. Pepper also collects new info to help you better understand both your customers and your business.

Pepper integrates all of your promotional, inventory, and pricing data, acting as a go-to, real-time knowledge base for customers and employees alike.

Pepper naturally captures customer feedback over the course of conversation – these real-time insights can be integrated directly with your CRM system.

Communicating through words, eyes, and body language, Pepper makes every customer interaction fun, memorable, and informative, and drives engagement with your brand.

By integrating with your digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, Pepper brings all the best parts of your website to your real-world locations – including search and recommendations.

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