SANBOT Nano Home Service Robot

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Sanbot Nano is the first home service robot powered by Amazon Alexa. Nano offers companion services, educational materials for kids, communication, and online entertainment for the whole family.

SANBOT Nano Home Service Robot is designed for all of your smart home needs. Nano comes with an advanced voice-interaction system, high-quality speakers, communication and Alexa's smart IoT, making Sanbot Nano the next member of your family.

You can ask Nano to order some delicious takeout, give you the weather forecast, help you find the answer to a question and remind you of any appointments or tasks you have for the day.

Control your smart home appliances including curtains, TV, lights and air-conditioner using voice commands with your robot butler.

Make hands-free video calls to anyone who has an Amazon Echo Show device, Alexa App, or the Sanbot Q-Link App. Make voice calls to anyone who has an Echo or Echo Dot device.

Use the Sanbot mobile app Q-Link to turn on Nano’s HD camera and control the robot to patrol and monitor your house, child or pet, enabling you to immediately detect any abnormal activity via mobile phone or PC.

Nano's high-definition sound system and colored lights lets the robot bring the party anywhere. You can ask Nano to play a specific song, artist, genre, or streaming service.

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