EDEN ROBOTICS Eve Robot Receptionist

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Discover the unlimited possibilities robot receptionist/greeter Eve has to offer. She can learn how to perform any task with easy-to-use software.

Eden Robotics' Eve is the next technological frontier in robotics. She can welcome guests, provide assistance, answer questions, guide and entertain customers entering your store or business.

Eve can provide services, make sales, display your brand and make suggestions. She can also perform light-duty tasks like housekeeping, mail service or anything else you want her to do.

Realistic female synthetic robot made with silicone/TPE

Can learn to perform business tasks on a daily basis

Artificial-intelligence for learning, speech and object recognition

Business surveillance and safety

100% TPE with metal skeleton providing human-like movements and the ability to perform tasks

Battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation

Powerful microcomputer for robot control

Height 4'6"

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