UBTECH Lynx Humanoid Robot

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UBTech Lynx with Amazon Alexa, a first-of-its-kind voice-activated, video-enabled humanoid robot.

UBTech Lynx Programmable Humanoid Robot combines the latest advancements in robotic technology with the ever-expanding skills of Amazon Alexa to bring you the smart home companion of the future. Lynx can also activate Avatar Mode where users can see, hear, and speak all through your Lynx robot, so you can be present, even from far away. Surveillance mode, where Lynx can monitor your home or office and send users a 30 second video direct to their smart device if the PIR sensor is tripped. Lynx is the smart home robot designed to get smarter and smarter.

Lynx not only walks but can perform actions like karate, yoga and the latest dance moves as well. With precise, fluid motion and tech-forward design, UBTech Robotics aims to bring consumers products like these to homes everywhere.

Robotic Servo Motors - the UBTech digital servos included in our premium robots are state-of-the-art, proprietary hardware that create precise and fluid motion that imitate human joints.

Microphone and Speaker Integration - rich, voice-activated capabilities, digital microphone array and premium speaker functionality create the ultimate audio hub within the robot.

Integrated Sensor Technology - sensor technology enables the robot to react to users and the environment, and allow the robots to respond, detect, activate and control within the home, making your life easier and more functional.

Motion Control - UBTech is the technological leader in gait-planning of biped robots that enables them to walk with directional navigation, target tracking, and motion coordination.

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