SOFTBANK Whiz Commercial Robot Vacuum

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SoftBank Whiz is a simple and reliable self-driving cleaning robot that works seamlessly alongside teammates and allows for staff to simultaneously focus on higher-value tasks.

SoftBank Whiz Commercial Robot Vacuum is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that’s completely reinventing commercial carpet cleaning. Using a trusted AI platform, it delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean - with proof of performance.

Small, agile, and intelligent, Whiz can easily maneuver around obstacles - and keep out of the way of passing people.

Whiz is the first vacuum sweeper that offers real data about each cleaning. Using Whiz Connect, clients can see how, when, and where cleaning was performed.

By automating vacuuming, Whiz standardizes the cleaning process across teams and increases cleaning consistency and frequency. Whiz Connect provides usage metrics and other data analytics to confirm performance and improve efficiency and effectiveness over time.

Whiz is capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments autonomously, while ensuring the highest levels of cleaning performance and safety.

User-friendly, Whiz works right out of the box, so teams can start benefiting right away.

Whiz learns all the routes your team needs - and cleans up to 15,000 square feet per charge.

A notification pager alerts your team when Whiz is done - or if it needs a hand.

Whiz autonomously avoids people, glass walls, cliffs, and other hazards.

As Whiz cleans, it collects data about its route that includes when, where, and how long it ran. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed in near real time via Whiz Connect. This SaaS application simplifies access to reports and ROI analysis.

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