SOFTBANK Nao Humanoid Service Robot

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SoftBank Nao is a small bipedal programming tool that has become a standard in education and research. Nao is used as an assistant to welcome, inform and entertain people in an innovative way.

SoftBank Nao Humanoid Service Robot has a knack for knowledge – both learning and sharing it. A programmable personal teaching assistant, Nao helps teachers bring lessons to life, making learning more fun and more concrete for students. Every lesson gets better when Nao is there to lend a hand.

Interactive, intuitive, and friendly, Nao is designed to grab students’ attention, win their trust, and keep them invested. Nao doesn’t just have knowledge – Nao has personality, with the patience and positivity to inspire students to keep focused and keep trying.

Nao connects theory to practice with hands-on projects that encourage participation, teamwork, and creative problem-solving.

Versatile, with a comprehensive knowledge base, Nao can work with students from preschool through grad school. Nao can show STEM students the power of programming, or offer extra support and attention to children with special needs.

Nao can conduct interactive experiments, collect data, and help researchers test new theories and find new answers.

Fluent in more than 20 languages, Nao can communicate clearly and effortlessly with students across a variety of cultures.

Tactile sensors in Nao’s head, hands, and feet help Nao react and respond as needed. Nao can hear, see, and recognize you – both who you are, and what you’re feeling.

Nao is built to move naturally and go just about anywhere. Nao can detect obstacles, avoid falls, and get right back up again.

Designed to be personalized, it's easy to add new content, capabilities, skills, and know-how to Nao. You can even develop Nao's personality in the process!

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