SANBOT Max Business Service Robot

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Sanbot Max is the next-generation successor to Sanbot Elf. Max integrates business solutions, delivery and entertainment into one highly-sophisticated robot.

SANBOT Max Business Service Robot is a jack-of-all-trades robot, able to carry and tow objects, autonomously map a room, avoid objects and people, translate, answer questions, deliver items and more.

Using 3D laser vision technology, multiple infrared and ultrasonic obstacle sensors, Max can move about in any complex indoor environment with ease.

Max has a newly-configured set of multiple HD cameras, visual cameras, and 3D cameras for high-precision visual positioning.

Sanbot Max also has advanced facial recognition and analysis, high-speed object recognition and accurate depth perception.

Max has built-in USB ports, HDMI connectors and power outlets. You can attach printers, medical equipment, screens, 4G data card, hard drive, SIM cards, 4G internet and mobile data storage.

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