SANBOT Elf Business Service Robot

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Sanbot Elf is an intelligent business service robot designed specifically for commercial use in retail, hospitality, healthcare and education.

SANBOT Elf Business Service Robot is the perfect blend of human and machine. Elf's unique posture, action, voice and expressions are embodied in fun and interactive capabilities combining entertainment, leisure and service applications.

A matrix design of 360 wrap-around perception that utilizes more than 60 sensors gives Elf better-than-human awareness.

With a unique 3D camera, Elf can read your every gesture and pose. The robot's animated-motion arms can be lighted with options for 250 flashing colors.

Elf is not only able to recognize you and your family members, but can also greet and register visitors or challenge unknown strangers.

Embedded with more than 10 obstacle detectors, Elf can avoid obstacles automatically when working or moving, keeping itself and others safe.

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