REALDOLL Lucas 1.0 Male Companion Robot

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Get ready to summon your perfect bedroom fantasy! Whether it’s time to pose or to play, your dreams can become reality with Lucas 1.0 Male Companion Robot.

Flawless and provocative, you’re in full control of the look for your handcrafted companion robot. REALDOLL Lucas 1.0 Male Companion Robot is made with top-of-the-line materials, life-like to the touch.

Real, ravishing expressions react to your voice and delight at your touch. Fine-tune the pitch of his voice and create an irresistible personality with leading AI technology. Lucas 1.0 is not only the best in realistic sex dolls, but a true real-life boyfriend you can grow close to.

Male RealDolls are made of the same Platinum silicone as our female dolls and feature the same improved skeletons and advanced weight reduction. They also have magnet-based interchangeable heads with 7" oral capacity.

RealDolls are provided with high-quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or replacement with any commercial wig. Eyes are crafted by Hollywood special-effects artists with hand-painted detail.

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