JOY FOR ALL Freckled Pup Robot Pet Dog

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Brown and white soft-touch coat with lovable floppy ears, lifelike and realistic with puppy-like movements and sounds, the Freckled Pup companion robot acts just like a real puppy.

Inspired by real dog breeds, cutting-edge built-in sensors and "heartbeat" give our robot dog lifelike responses to motion and calming touches such as petting and hugging. The Freckled Pup will look toward your voice when you speak and react with a variety of realistic puppy-like sounds when you gently pet its back.

Pet Dog Companion Robot: feel the warmth and love of a companion pet, without the mess or responsibility. Combining realistic features of owning a dog with convenience, your companion robot provides loving interaction and inspires sincere care.

Real-Feel Heartbeat and Coat: pet the soft, lifelike fur coat and feel Freckled Pup's calming heartbeat.

Responsive Head and Tail Movements: with built-in sensors, Freckled Pup responds to your motion, voice and touch.

BarkBack Technology: when you talk to your lovable robot dog, Freckled Pup barks back.

Innovative technology allows this companion robot to move, sound and feel more like the real thing, bringing the truly joyful experience of owning a dog to all.

Batteries included.

Dimensions: 5" x 8" x 9"

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