EDEN ROBOTICS Xiaoao001 Intelligent Robot

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The Xiaoao001 Intelligent Robot can be used as a hotel or casino front desk assistant helping customers with check-in, welcoming guests, offering guidance and entertainment.

Increase customer retention and satisfaction by integrating Eden Robotics Xiaoao001 Intelligent Robot into your business or hotel. The Xiaoao001 can move to multiple locations to deliver different content, and will respond to voice commands.

Artificial-intelligence for learning, speech and object recognition

Business surveillance and safety

Indoor LIDAR scan to build flat maps

Automatic obstacle avoidance

Powerful microcomputer for robot control

Card reader for ID/bank cards

Keyboard input, thermal printer for tickets and receipts

Optional colors, voice (male, female, child), language and dialog content

Fingers, arms and head 3D-printed ABS engineered plastic

Dialog system activation mode with human and ultrasonic sensors

Touch screen display, dual-speakers, 2M-pixel camera, WiFi and Bluetooth

Wheels for turning, forward and backward movements

Triangular steel chassis

Four mic arrays to reduce noise

Battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation

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