EDEN ROBOTICS Foxi Companion Robot

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Companion robot Foxi is the next technological frontier in personal robotics. She can be your own household maid, lover, companion, and anything else you want her to be.

Discover the unlimited possibilities this companion robot has to offer. Foxi is specifically designed to be your own personal assistant. Artificial-intelligence and a robotic skeleton allow her to perform human-like motions and behaviors.

Realistic female synthetic robot

Skin made of high-quality TPE silicone rubber to offer the most realistic skin sensation, softness, and safety

21-degree robotic skeleton so the doll can move, walk, and behave like a real woman

Capable of human-like walking

Advanced artificial-intelligence for robot speech, object recognition and interaction

Several sensors are placed around the doll to interact and communicate with you providing the highest level of safety

Can be operated with typed commands and spoken commands over WiFi from anywhere

Easy-to-use software, no programming skills necessary

Battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation

Powerful microcomputer for robot control

Height: 4'9"

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