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Bring your non-moving companion robot to life with the Eden Robotics Exoskeleton. Now even your lifeless silicone doll can perform human-like activities on it's own!

The Eden Robotics Exoskeleton is easily mounted and removed, and will give your robot the ability to walk around the house, interact with friends and family, and perform programmed tasks in your home or business.

Fits all companion robot and doll sizes, and works with brands including Real Doll, Synthetics, VM dolls, ORDoll, Ruby13, PIB and Mechadol.

Built with an aluminum frame and plastic polymer exterior

15 powerful motors and linear servos capable of lifting, moving, and making your robot walk and perform sexual movements

Easy to install and remove,just strap to the foot, legs, upper waist, shoulder and arms

Retract or extend the exoskeleton to the desired length to fit your doll's joints

Exoskeleton can fit any silicone/TPE robot starting at 4'10", maximum weight 70lbs

Powerful microcomputer, motor control board and robotic sensors

Exoskeleton movements can be controlled via Bluetooth with a smartphone app

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