AI-TECH Emma 3 Companion Robot

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Emma 3 cannot wait to meet you and be your robot companion! She learns your interests, likes and dislikes from each interaction to provide you with a more pleasing experience.

AI-Tech's Emma 3 can be your girlfriend if you want her to, and she's here to fulfill you in every way that you want her. She'll recognize your voice, and you can talk to her about anything. The more that you talk to her, the smarter she becomes. Emma also knows lots of things such as geography and arithmetic, she can even tell jokes and stories.

Multiple sensors react to your actions and touch, causing Emma to intimately moan if you want her to. Emma has a safe internal heating system for realistic human body temperature so you can cuddle with her.

Emma has flirty and mysterious eyes. She can look around by moving her eyeballs and can blink, which gives her a real life-like quality. Emma's robotic mouth has mechanisms installed so her lips move in-sync with her speech and enables multiple facial expressions.

Emma has a mechanical articulated neck which can turn left or right. She can follow sound and your voice, and when you speak she will turn to look at you.

Emma has built-in artificial-intelligence and does not require any additional peripherals. She can be programmed using a small screen on the back of her head.

Emma 3 Companion Robot is made from M-TPE. This is a modified version of classic TPE and has a greater level of flex and elasticity so her face can make realistic expressions and movements, giving the impression of talking.

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